The 360, Omnichannel, Customer Relationship Management Platform.

Why View Point from leading point

Reasons to Choose View Point

  • The 360, Omnichannel, Customer Relationship Management Platform.
  • Customers expect personalized service along the variant touchpoints of their journey. Relationship excellence requires a platform that provides an aggregated view of all customer's transactions to empower intelligent service among touchpoints, anytime, anywhere.
  • Here comes View Point, a platform that equips telecoms with customer knowledge for distinguished service management.

Customer Relationship Processes

View Point covers the functionality required along the customer journey, starting from onboarding, activations, transactions, and service tracking, allowing the digital transformation to omnichannel.

View Point covers the main customer relationship processes:

Customer acquisition processes.

Customer transactions processes.

Customer service processes.

Towards Omnichannel Service

With such aggregation of a customer's data from a single access point, a customer can reach out from any channel to meet informed customer service representatives that can intelligently conduct a distinguished service.
View Point integrates with any touchpoint to create a telecom's omnichannel era.

ROI Assured

Today's customers see the omnichannel service as a must-have. Therefore, View Point is considered a basic customer service platform for telecoms. Its ROI is a significant growth in

Customer Acquisition

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Retention

Key Features

Customer Onboarding

Customer Activation

Customer Documents Management

MC service level Survey


Customized Notifications

Customer 360 view

All transactional data about the customer, including call history, payments, products, tickets.

Customer Sales Activities

Product Selling / Charge Wallet / Auto Topup / SIM Replacement / Change Owner / MNP Mgmt / Terminate Sub/account/customer / Change Number / Bar/Unbar / POS integration / Loyalty programs

Ticketing Management

Workflow customization / The knowledge base of FAQs and articles

Dashboards & Reports Management

Sales Dashboards / Tickets Dashboards / Onboarding Dashboards / Transactions Dashboards / Customized Dashboards


View Point integrates with telecoms systems to allow distinguished service, such as

Catalog systems

to fitch offerings and available promotions

Core Systems

such as billing

Customer Channels


View Point can be hosted on a private cloud, providing remote web-based, mobile-based, and on-premise access to stakeholders.

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