What is a Mission Critical Project

A project is born in chaotic conditions, evolves in uncertainty, constrained with an opportunity window, requiring complex integrating among heterogeneous technologies (legacies and new), struggling because a "Big Whale" supplier is mismanaging it, or about to fail. When it takes an exceptional risk to step in for ownership to handle such a critical mission, then it matches Leading Point's passion.

The Core Competencies of Critical Missions

Leading Point's DNA is designed for hardness: to manage uncertainty, exercising adaptive agility, making a consensus win-win through out-of-the-box pricing, orchestrating complex integrations to form a creative holism, making breakthroughs with disruptions, and keep nurturing a SWAT culture.

  • Agility

    Each project has its DNA; hence we tailor an adaptive methodology to handle context-specific conditions

  • Upon-Prove Pricing

    Tailor out-of-the-box pricing, upon proving the capability to deliver

  • Managing Uncertainty

    Handling a vision in turbulent conditions, owning the mission, and strive to evolve it progressively 

  • Vector-1

    Creative Holisms

    Manifest a creative whole by implementing complex integrations among heterogeneous parts of legacies and new systems

  • Asset


    Our clients are our companions. “Companionship" is a lifelong professional partnership mixed with reliable friendship, there ever for your critical missions in hard times 


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    Disruptive business models are built on emerging technologies with a partner who befriends newness and is adaptive by nature, to manage the journey from conception to operation

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