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Leading Point develops long-term companionships, therefore sharing the defining moments, the milestones of our journey, the founders' profiles, our core ideology, and our partnerships is a proper introduction to develop the relationship.

Journey Milestones


Starting the first "Leading Point."

In 2006 Leading Point was born in Jordan, running to handle an almost-failed mission-critical project in Oman. Upon rescuing it successfully, it created its first contribution, a defining moment - a leading point - to a client who is still an active partner - a companion- in 2021. We find a state of flow only in mission-critical projects, The DNA discovered.


Expanding the Mission-Critical

In 2007, we expanded to GCC, opening Oman Office. A new mission-critical project involves performing the first of its kind implementation of Microsoft Beta WCF and Biztalk for a GCC telecom operator in the region. And the story with this Telecom Provider begins and is ongoing in 2021, trusting Leading Point with implementing a series of services. The DNA ensured.


Resilient and Loyal

In 2008, the global financial crisis (GFC) was a severe worldwide economic crisis. Young but principally resilient, Leading Point managed to survive the crisis and emerging harder, blissfully keeping the team's jobs and income and institutionalizing maturity by improving the internal processes adopting the CMMI framework. Trustworthiness was the key, and Leading Point had the right people, the right bonds with clients and professional networks, and the right leadership to make it. The DNA Tested.


The Right Successor of the Failed Big Whales

Word of mouth started spreading: Leading Point is a SWAT team that can make "leading points" for corporate by handling mission-critical projects. The second telecom operator approached Leading Point to take over projects awarded to an IT Big Whale but had repeatedly failed. Landed running, the POC of a Self-Care Platform with complex integrations implemented successfully, and the operator met the business due date, making Leading Point its primary choice to date. The DNA announced.


Empowering Disruptions

The mission-critical competence evolved, shaping the new Disruption Competency: Leading Point's talent in empowering partners to change the rules in their industries through customized solutions and off-the-shelf products targeting niches. It implemented the first Automated SIM activation in GCC and launched the first self-service MVNO -Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Leading Point introduced two critical products: Order Management System (OMS) and Self-Services Platform. DNA evolved.


Waves of Expansion

The track record reached overseas, to Africa and Far East Asia. Corporates searched for a SWAT to handle their mission-critical projects, such as a project with 40+ complex integrations. Leading Point POCed, engaged, then prices upon the proof, and could meet the promise of successful delivery, create "leading points" for the clients. DNA reached out.


Recognition of Trustworthiness

Leading Point strives for trustworthiness, manifests words with deeds. Gratitude is a cycle of giving and receiving. As such, Leading Point was awarded the Telecom Recognition Award, became a Golden Microsoft Partner, and became a member of Int@j, an institution to influence the direction of ICT in Jordan. The DNA recognized.


A to Z in KSA

2013, Leading Point developed the Full Stack Systems (A to Z systems) implementation for a New Operator in KSA. It capitalizes on its experience in implementing an End-to-End Fulfilment cycle for an Operator in Africa. The DNA serves.


Boosting R & D

Evolving the "leading points" of companions needs a strong ongoing process of R & D. As clients partner for life, taking them through the differentiation and excellence journey requires energizing efforts of research and development to keep them on the top. Hence, come initializing the department of R & D. The DNA renewed.


Harvesting the Fruits

Leading through innovation is not an easy journey. It requires vision, thoughtful insights, intelligent prioritization, and disciplined execution. The Innovation Roadmap manifested through three consecutive years, launching the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) project, the first Fully-Digital Operator, the Commission Engine Product, the Multi-tenant Multi-Brand Systems, and an End-to-End Business Support System of MVNO. The DNA wins.  


Horizontal and Vertical Growth

The variety of experience throughout the corporate value chain, the mission-critical competence, and the portfolio of services lead to further penetration in existing industries and diversifying to new to serve. Leading Point's worked as well on critical e-government projects—the DNA driving growth.


Governance to Scale Up

Scaling up requires maintaining the consistency of the DNA. Here, the focus is on institutionalizing core competence, culture, climate, and caliber and systemizing knowledge management to prepare for scaling up operations.

Leading Point is successfully leading a change management program for creating a Strategy-Focused Organization, global expansion strategy, and quality management systems.

Founders Profile

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South Africa

Strategic Partnerships

We believe that developing strategic partnerships and strong allies will magnify and strengthen our business opportunities and help both parties grow faster, therefore, creating a competitive advantage in today’s business environment through knowledge, experience, and integrity.



Core Ideology

Core ideology is the foundation of sustainable contributions. Leading Point's ideology is the source of energizing the efforts of creating "leading points" to companions, defining transformational moments in the corporate journey.  The spirituality of owning mission-critical initiatives requires the strong belief system of the SWAT family.  Shaping a culture that handles mission-critical initiatives needs foundational faith to maintain momentum in difficult conditions and to mature hardness.  


"Defining Moments" are not ordinary milestones but rather a critical transformational point- a "Leading Point"- towards the desired future, achieved upon successfully fulfilling mission-critical initiatives. 

Nurtured by the evidence of being a reliable partner in creating "leading points" for corporate, Leading Point finds its state of flow in growing lifelong professional companionships, rooted in creating a "Leading Point" after another throughout companions' journey.  

Such is achievable only by devoting energy to grow a culture of passion, resilience, and integrity, as corporate "leading points" can only be achieved by the authentic, not the ordinary. 


To be the region's most impactful partner, ranked "the number one" in two core measures:  

  •  Achieved  "Leading Points" 

The number of mission-critical projects leads to significant transformational success for companions 

  • Companion Retention  

The percentage of maintaining active engagements with companions   

Designing our existence around lifelong engagements leaves us normally overdependent on the growth of our companion. Then, a companion's mission is not merely his; it is profoundly ours.  
We translate integrity to observable actions by ensuring the three Es while striving through the mission: Effectively -the right things, Efficiently -savings of resources of our partners, and Efficaciously - to meet the purpose of our partners. The evidence of sincerity in action develops mutual trust. 
Perseverance is not only a cultural trait; in Leading Point, it is a guiding principle to maintaining the courage of action and the energy of sustained efforts, passing through difficulties to achieve abundance to our partners.  

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