The Mission-Critical Partner

A project is born in chaotic conditions, evolves in uncertainty, constrained with an opportunity window, requiring complex integrating among heterogeneous technologies (legacies and new), struggling because a "Big Whale" supplier is mismanaging it, or about to fail. When it takes an exceptional risk to steps in for ownership to handle such a critical mission, then it matches Leading Point's passion.

Nurtured by the evidence of being a reliable companion in creating "leading points" for corporate, Leading Point finds its state of flow in serving mission-critical initiatives, rooting lifelong professional companionships, via creating a "Leading Point" after another throughout the companionship journey.

Unique Competencies

Mission-critical projects require a unique set of competencies to adapt to their unique nature, and Leading Point sharpens the sword by nailing a culture, climate, and competence to address mission-critical projects – those at the edge – driving them through the finish line.

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  • Upon-Prove Pricing 

  • Managing Uncertainty

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    Creative Holisms

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Mission Critical Stories 

Keywords: uncertainty, turbulence, risk exposure, constraints, complex integrations, beta technology, opportunity window, failed, fall behind vendor, no handover.

Mission Critical In Numbers

Leading Point achieved 100% Project Sucess Rate, Rescued 100% of About-to-Fail Handover Projects, Handles Projects with High-Risk Exposure, and 95% of its Projects Involves Complex Integrations

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Rescued Projects