NetCell is a single-point platform through which a telecom observes and diagnoses the network performance and identifies areas of improvement through real-time, automated, and customized dashboards about whatever aspect and perspective of the network status.


Why Netcell from leading point

Reasons to Choose Netcell

  • With NetCell, there is no need to aggregate fragmented data about the network in external sheets or hassle around the many systems to collect scattered data to form meaningful information for action. NetCell customizes dashboards and makes any data of need available in its place and time ready for action with a few clicks.
  • Furthermore, NetCell is a web-based application hosted on the cloud and mobile-friendly. With easy clicks, it empowers experts with portability wherever and whenever they need any data about the network, backing the effort in real-time.
  • NetCell supports any technology and vendor, and its core adapter is designed with the future in mind, ready to be plugged smoothly with network generations and updates.
  • NetCell integrates with digital telecom assets to be part of workflows, dashboards, and enterprise services.

A Use Case

Imagine browsing a site in a specific area and evaluating a particular cell t status. So you open the map, drill to as many levels, and click to get instant data about the performance and configuration of network elements while simultaneously exploring the organized data in a dashboard for a specific area and time. And as quickly as it sounds, you decide actions to improve the quality of the experience.

NetCell Modules

NetCell consists of integrative modules that focus on optimizing the network management effort

Performance Management

Understand your network's overall health and identify areas for improvement.

Configuration Management

View the current configuration and the configuration history of all network elements (Cell, Site, controller).

Fault Management

Detect problems to keep connectivity, applications, and services running at an optimum level, provide fault tolerance, and minimize downtime.

Geographical Information System (GIS) MAP

Analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using built-in maps, showing the latitude or longitude without a third-party license.

SON (Self Organization Network) Reports

Encompass different aspects of network operation. Their implementation can considerably alleviate operational complexity and speed up processes.

Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Glimpses of Features

On-the-fly aggregation, comparing and drilling to the whatever needed details by time, area, site, and cell

Advanced worst cell list with filtering, sorting, mapping, before/after analysis (Top or Low N network contributors)

Dashboard builder


Adaptability to future-generations technology

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