The means of prosperity coming from customers' engagement.

Why EngagePoint from leading point

Reasons to Choose EngagePoint

  • Perceived Value: Beyond Conventional Offering

    Customer nowadays responds to brands offering beyond product and price elements; Perceived Value guides decisions. It is the perceived benefits of products, augmented services, journey pleasance, and touchpoints convenience, compared to the price, psychic, time, and energy cost.

  • Emotional Bonding: from Product to Experience

    In an era of fast imitation of products and reactive competitive games, emotional engagement is evolving as the must-have primary strategy. It develops the psychological contract with customers as they attach to the brand journey to be less sensitive to competitors' offers and enthusiastic to share their wallets to buy augmented services further. Emotional engagement accumulates over little experiences along the customer journey with consistent positiveness among touchpoints.

  • Engage Point for a New Era

    Engagement Point is a platform of touchpoints and services orchestrating the customer journey for maximum prospect acquisition and client retention.

    From customer onboarding, profile creations, catalog browsing, product selection, service activation, delivery tracking to augmentation of VAS and loyalty programs and the customeri-zation to fit the personalized need, it orchestrates the customer's journey through convenience touchpoints such as apps, web, or kiosk.

    Engage Point boosts customer perceived value through a digital transformation that reduces perceived costs and increases perceived benefits along the journey and develops customers' emotional bonding along the customer journey.

A to Z Features

Engage Point comes with innovative features evolves from the Leading Point's vast experience in telecom industry


New Profile Account

Catalog browsing

Activate number or SIM

Number uniqueness selection

Payment management

Smart delivery

Family Account

Plan customizations

Plan recommendation

Threshold of usage

Usage reporting


Wallet management

Loyalty Programs

Promotion Channel


Authentication channels: FB, Google, etc.


Blocked numbers / Family plan / Data sharing / International minutes / Credit transfer

Pluggable for Time-to-Market

Engage Point integrates with core telecoms' systems and contains supportive modules like notification engines, payment gateways, augmented services protocols (like Anghami), and touchpoint API interfacing, saving telecoms' time and energy to capture market opportunity windows.

Opportunity Windows in Your Fingertips

As Engage Point integrates with Catalog Point, which facilitates agile products and bundles creation or integrates with any equivalent systems, marketers can quickly respond to market changes by exploiting opportunities and efficiently containing potential threats.

ROI Assured

With the introduction of digital transformation and customer journey innovation, Engage Point impact is translated relatively quickly to strategic indicators than any other customer-side investment

Customer Acquisition Rate

wider funnel reach of and higher closing ratio

Customer Retention Rate

increase of the number of accumulated existing customers and decrease customer defection

Customer Wallet Growth

increase the share of customers' disposable income wallet.

Customers' Family Market Share

increase family members' subscriptions of customer accounts.

Cost Optimization

reduces showroom and call center traffic and harvests digital transformation ROI.

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