A telecom's "product conception to product consumption" is streamlined for digital transformation and enriches customer engagement.

Why CatalogPoint from leading point

Reasons to Choose CatalogPoint

  • Agile Value Creation

    streamlines telecom's product development processes from creative conception to rapid introduction, where they can innovate offerings and push them instantly to customer-centric digital touchpoints, achieving unprecedented t offer-to-market lead time.

  • Customerization

    Marketing evolved from segmentation to niche marketing. However, in a postmodern era, customer expectations change unpredictably and continuously, requiring a new approach that empowers customers to design and adapt value based on their situational needs. Here comes the next evolution - customization. Customers can self-service their goal; they customize bundles, subscribe, upgrade and stay engaged.

  • Augmentation

    enriches the products with third-party trending services that customers enjoy like Netflix, Anghami, OSN and grow telecoms' revenue streams.

ROI Assured

Telcom-Side Features

Products Design

Design telecom products and bundles from configurable product elements, like call minutes, SMS, internet, etc.

Product Development Workflows

Customize and automate the workflows of product development among variant stakeholders

Configuration Automation

Automating the configuration of products through systems integration optimizes the technical manual interference.

Notifications Engine

Configure notifications along the customer journey and behavior.

Promotion Engine

Push Advertisements of product and augmented services through customer touchpoints along the journey.

Augmented Services

Product trending products that come ready to plug and activate like Netflix, Anghami, OSN, or add any new product to the augmented services box.

Payment Gateways Engine

Common payment gateways are smoothly configured like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Credit and Debit cards.

Core Integrations

Harnessing LeadingPoint's 100% success metric in executing integrations with telecoms' mission-critical systems like billing and user activation.

Behavior Analysis

Smart engines that analyze consumer behavior and recommend products through customer's touchpoints

Customer-Side Features

Subscription management

Subscribe, renew, boost, upgrade, and downgrades.

Self-customize Bundles

Customers customize their bundles and preferences.

Wallet credits

Customer wallets services

Buy Augmented Services

like Netflix, Anghami, OSN

Stakeholders Perspectives

Product Development Team

It is a single platform that orchestrates the energy of product development among stakeholders, which improves time to market and innovation.

Marketing Team

It shortens communication lead time and optimizes the budget. Products are activated and pushed to the customer base via user-friendly touchpoints.

Sales Team

OfferPoint is a value-added sales channel for prospects and existing customers, and it naturally promotes up and cross-selling.

CRM Team

It caters to the ever-changing expectations of consumers as they can customize their bundles to adapt to their circumstances and such boosts retention.

Digital Transformation Team

OfferPoint transforms the end-to-end customer journey, and it is ready with necessary services and integrations to complement our digital assets.

Partnership Team

OfferPoint is a channel to product trendy services of external partners to our customer base. It boosts revenue sources and customer loyalty.

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