One suite through which a telecom manages the entire sales operation

The story short

One suite through which a telecom manages the entire sales operation: customers, sales activities, managing growing sales trees of distributors, dealers, and sales agents, while smoothly handling the complexity of commission processing. Plus, it surely integrated with telecoms’ digital assets.

SalesPoint, What’s behind the brand?

SalesPoint brand name reflects core purposes:

A single point to manage sales operation.

Manages any sales point in the tree.

Channel the sales efforts to the point, making sales.

Three Modules, Plus One

Sales Transaction App

An application that dealers, showroom CSR, and couriers can use to manage their daily sales activities: Activation, Verification, Payment, SIM delivery, ID processing, change ownership, stock ordering, commission reporting, and more.

Distributors Relationship Management (DRM)

Empowers telecoms with a real-time system to manage the entire sales points tree among the market. Telecoms can create trees of sales distributors, dealers, and agents while controlling the critical processes of contract management, stock management, order management, and commissions management, and customize the workflows.

Commission Engine (CME)

Commission management is a complex process and critical to boosting sales among the entire sales tree.

The Commission Engine absorbs the management burden and channels energy towards commercial creativity.

Telecoms can customize any commission schema with sophisticated rules, durations, payouts methods, and types of sales points, allowing real-time commission reporting and processing

Plus One: Integration

SalesPoint modules come integrated or modular, and also they are built to be integrated with existing telecom digital assets to form creative workflows.

Plug and Play Needed Modules

As you adopt SalesPoint in your telecom, any other needed subsystem can be plugged and played to synergize with the existing digital infrastructure. For instance, any other telecom ERP module like inventory management or CRM is ready in Leading Point assets.

Your Return On Investment (ROI)

The Pain

Real-time data about the sales point in a telecom sales tree

Real-time data about stock availability among sales points tree

Manual transactions among distributors, dealers, and agents

Contract management among sales tree

Document management of sales points

Manual processing of commission schemas

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